What is the secret to the law of attraction

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What is the secret to the Law of attraction? Do we really attract into our lives that which we concentrate on daily? I would like to add here, the Law of Attraction is not just about acquiring material things, like wealth, health, money etc. The criticism that had been levelled against the law of attraction had its origin from the movie and the book “The Secret” and the concept being potrayed were egocentric, materialistic. Yes, it does deal with material things and desires but, it also includes humanity’s spiritual needs. Naysayers, have rubished the law, casting doubt on the idea and potraying it as anti-spiritual, evil and even satanic

vibrating universe and the law of attraction

Thoughts are vibrations

Our thoughts generate vibrations and it ripples out into the universe. What you desire and believe constantly in your mind will eventually or quickly manifest in your life, on the other hand, if you desire something and in the next breath you say, it can’t possibly happen to me, then in essence you are pushing away what you desire, your negative thoughts will trump your positive thoughts and what you desire might not happen in your lifetime.

Do we create our world?

You are the best person to answer that particular question. Take a look at yourself. Do you think your current situation was created by you? If you are not happy with your situation, can you change it? Do you think you have the right or the creative will to do it? What is the secret to the law of attraction? Think about the mundane things you do daily and you might begin to realize that you are living within the premise of the law without your knowledge.

Every day, you wake up at certain time; get yourself ready to get to work, to make money to pay the bills to be able to live in your present address. All is part of what constitutes the law of attraction. In a nutshell, you do the same thing every day because you want the same result. Now, on the flip side, this could also be a state of addiction in your life, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Religion and the law of attraction

This is a touchy subject for most people; they feel that the law of attraction has nothing to do with religion and should not be spoken of, in the same breath. Jesus who lived in Africa 2000 years ago is credited in saying “No one can go to the father except through me”,
He also said “I am the way the truth and the life”.

What did Jesus mean by his words?

Many dissertations have been made of  these words. Through the ages and up to the present day, the church, that is the Catholic Church, has pushed the idea that the words of Jesus Christ are, as written. Through the ages wars and religious reformations were fought over the doctrine of the church . The many secret societies that sprang up through the centuries, going right back to the crusaders and the Knights Templar is a testament to this fact. Did the Knights Templar hold the secret to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Is this why they were put to death and their society destroyed in Europe? I will leave that thought to your imagination.

secret teachings and law of attraction

How does one view the words of Jesus Christ

There are several ways to interpret the bible and  they include the following;
1.  Literally – This asks of us to suspend our thinking and believe the words as written.  This literal translation of the bible has been used as an excuse to start wars, justify the suffering of millions and decimate whole population.
2. Subjectively – How does the word of God affect you personally, what it means to you and what resonates with your being.
3. Hidden meaning – This third interpretation requires a much deeper understanding of the Bible. Many of the parables are allegorical in tome. You have to decipher the hidden meanings to get to message.

The hidden teachings of Jesus

Jesus is the Master and Teacher. His true message to the world is hidden in the parables and his preaching. In ancient times only the adept or someone steeped in the occult would understand the true essence of his message.

Let us now look at two sayings attributed to Jesus. : “No one can go to the father except through me”
And secondly: “I am the way the truth and the life”.

The following hidden interpretation reveals a different message than the commonly held literal translation that we are all familiar with.

“Father,” IS the kingdom within you, through the acceptance of the inner Christ.
Jesus IS the path that one must follow. This path is open to all that will accept that a higher state of being that exists at the core of our essence.

The Christ or higher self, is the path inside you. The key is to realize  that within us lies the power to create and is the same power that created the Universe. It is this power that we can utilize to manifest all that we desire.

So what is the secret to the law of attraction? Jesus taught us about this law 2000 years ago. Ancient Egypt, Babylon and the teachings of Buddha or Lao Tzu, all taught the concept of the law of attraction.  Further examination of the Bhagavad-Gita and the Mahabharata reveals the same Laws. Helen Blavatsky and theosophy society did not invent the idea or the concept. It is not a new age invention. Please Check out the other article written about this here


The poor conundrum and the law of attraction

According to the Global issues’ website. Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.
The law of attraction states “What we think about daily we will manifest into our lives”. Do we blame the poverty stricken, for thinking lack and poverty?

Is there no way to escape from the pain and sorrow? Is happiness, prosperity and peace a foolish dream for the poor? For so many, poverty becomes a way of life, thinking becomes stagnant and there is a dearth of ideas, many give up hope when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. People will continue to perpetuate the same reality because they cannot see any other way.

Universal law

People are quick to blame something outside their control  when it does not fit into their paradigm, so what is the secret to the law of attraction?
• The law does not take sides
• It is neither good or bad it’s just is
• What you think of constantly will manifest in your life
• It can be your doorway to an abundant life
• Or it can be a doorway to misery and suffering
• The law will work anywhere and at any time.
• It is a universal law
What is the secret to the law of atraction? well look at the parrallels to life itself,  life does not take sides and is just is..

the lack in the law of attractionDealing with global Poverty

Material and spiritual poverty is global. It is about us humans, we perpetuate this situation because we do not understand the law of attraction and the abundant universe. We can have all we want,  but our thoughts are stuck on lack and scarcity so we perpetuate the thinking that someone has to suffer to make our profits, power, money, the good life. People think of it as a price for doing business.

Is it worth it? until we take a good look at ourselves and think about what we are doing. Nothing is going to change. We can all help by taking responsibility for our actions. Our belief and education system has to change, I have noted earlier in the article that every action has a rippling effect. By each of us taking a responsible stand against poverty, we can make this world a better place to live. Giving food and money will not solve the problem, we are all unique, what one might think to be important, is secondary to another. You have to educate people and change the mind-set.

An ancient Chinese proverb comes to mind : ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’

The conclusion

I will be writing more on the state of our world  in future articles. This is a subject close to my heart as it touches our core of humanity and what makes us who we are. The question I leave with you is as follows: Why do some of us live in affluent countires while others live in poverty stricken or war torn countries? Who makes the choice of where you are going to be born?  I would very much like your thoughts on this matter. Please leave your comments below thank you.


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