The Secret and what the Law of Attraction is About

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The secret and what the law of attraction is about, is searched daily by over 62 million people. There is a hunger in the world for something intangible, spiritual. Our modern life falls short in providing for spiritual contentment but excels at material comforts.  This does not mean that the fault is with modern life, it is not. Ultimately it is a question you will have to confront on your own. Spiritual contentment is your journey. That yearning for more is the life force and your connection to the Divine Mind.

At some stage in your life, you will ask the eternal question “Is this all there is”  Stephen Hawkins the famous physicist, insists that the univeres was inevitable and not neccesarily created by a Divine intelligence. According to this theory we are an accident. If this is true then I do not blame the many who have turned to religin to fill that accidental void. Searching for the elusive connection with something spiritual, fulfilling and divine.

The source

the secretWhere does that feeling come from.  You are the expression of Divine Mind. You are and always will be part of Divinity. Think of you as a tiny branch of a tree. There is a perpetual interaction, a reciprocity with the tree and its parts; its branches and its leaves are continually drawing sustenance from the parent trunk.  Your thought action is the specialized, identical action of the Universal Divine God Mind. You are always connected, therefore your nourishment is provided by the main trunk. You are never in isolation; it is the ego that draws you away.  Find that connection and belief within to experience peace tranquillity and contentment.

There is an old Cherokee proverb that goes:

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all.
One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority, and ego.
The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.
The wolf that wins? The one you feed.

Humanity search for meaning

The bible for most fulfills the need for a divine connection. To date it has sold, according to the Huffington post 2.5- 6 billion copies. Considering the population of the planet is estimated at 7.6 billion. It is amazing, how this one book has permeated our lives in every way. A book mind you that talks of hell and heaven, fire and brimstone, salvation, love, peace, war and redemption. What does this say about humanity? The yearning to find a connection with something greater than ourselves is universal. Realize, you are not alone in your search for the meaning of life. Regardless of words to the contrary that so often is the purveyor of modern thinking. Everyone in moments of stillness, despair and self-need has whispered the words ‘please help’ to the universe.

The Book the Secret

The Secret and what the law of attraction is about,  By Rhonda Bryne, sold over 20 million copies and translated into 50 languages. This book and the TV show by mainstream media made it believe yourselfbelievable, true and acceptable to the public.

The thought that you can achieve anything, by thinking it into existence is very appealing to many. It helped pushed the movement of self-help and meta-physical ideas into mainstream. This thought makes things, was more palatable to many who did not ascribe to the biblical version of reward and punishment. Let’s face it, people and animals for that matter respond better to reward and persuasion, rather than the carrot and stick approach.

The release of the book and subsequent public accolades, made the author Rhonda Bryne a rich woman. It also generated a media frenzy. However the secret and what the law of attraction is about, failed in mentioning that there is more to it. Then the “wishing things into existence or thoughts makes things happen” it was naive in its simplicity approach .

Marketing a rehashed idea

The drama that engulfed the release of the DVD and publishing of the book “The Secret”, did not deter from essence of the book. It does have common sense ideas gleaned from past authors and rehashed to be palatable to modern sensibilities.

The Book “The Secret ” tapped into the vast  well of humanities hunger for the ethereal. Drawing ideas from past authors, have been done many times before. Rhonda Bryne however tapped into that indefinable something that is inherent in us all. It was probably the right time for something like the book to appear. The secret became a New York Times Best seller for 34 weeks. It was a runaway success

The secret and what the law of attraction is about

For many, the secret and what the law of attraction is about, has become THE BOOK. For others, well lets just say they think it is a lot of bull. They read and refer to it constantly in their search for the meaning of their existence. The difficulty that one faces is the belief in something intangible. Relying on this power to manifest some physical object into existence. Invariably  many have questioned the validity of the book.  Does it work?  The Secret and what the law of attraction is about,  is the doorway into which you enter, to discover your path in life, there are countless books, including the bible written on this subject. This is the ultimate quest you can take about yourself;  What was written in The Secret and what the law of attraction is about, is and should be your starting point and not the end.

the secret and the law of attraction

Do not be arrogant with your piety

Searching for the meaning of existence has been an ongoing quest from time immerorial. Many though might say, it is not for us to divulge what God wants us to be or do. We should just live by his laws as laid down in the bible. There is a problem with this type of thinking. It stops us from using our God given minds to question the validity of this statement or the world around us.  We are a reflection of the creator. We have been given a mind to use. Turning around and saying I don’t need that, is the hieght of arrogance and disrespect.  Relying on someone else or a religious body  to be the spokesperson in matters spiritual, is not exactly using your mind. Religion and religious ideas have been used to suppress individual thoughts, you only have to look through history to find examples.

I hope this has stimulated your thinking. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts;

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