The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Power of the Subconscious Mind – Dr Joseph Murphy

Dr. Joseph Murphy :

Born May 20, 1898, in a small town in the County of Cork, Ireland. His father, Denis Murphy, a deacon and professor at a Catholic Jesuit facility. His mother was Ellen Connelly. Joseph was brought up in a strict Catholic family. His father was a devout catholic. He had broad knowledge on many subjects and developed in his son the desire to study and learn. Ireland at that time was suffering many families were starving. Although Denis Murphy was steadily employed, his income was barely enough to sustain the family.

Joseph was enrolled in the Jesuit National School, he was a brilliant student and was encouraged to study for the priesthood. However, he began to question the Catholic orthodoxy of the Jesuits.
He withdrew from the seminary. His goal was to explore new ideas, he knew he could not pursue this in the Catholic-dominated Ireland, so he left his family to go to America.

He arrived at the Ellis Island Immigration Center with only $5 in his pocket. He was fortunate to locate a rooming house where he shared a room with a pharmacist who worked in local drugstore.

Joseph’s knowledge of English was minimal, as Gaelic was spoken both in his home and at school, so like most Irish immigrants, Joseph worked as a day laborer. He and his roommate became good friends, he was hired to be an assistant to the pharmacist. He enrolled to study pharmacy. With his keen mind and desire to learn, Joseph passed the qualification exams and became a pharmacist. After a few years, he purchased the drugstore, and for the next few years ran a successful business.

Dr. Murphy wrote more than 30 books. His most famous work, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, which was first published in 1963, became an immediate bestseller. It was acclaimed as one of the best self-help guides ever written. Millions of copies have been sold and continue to be sold all over the world.

I hope you enjoy this audio book that teaches you about your sub-conscious mind and how to use it to your advantage. Enjoy


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