Poverty and the law of attraction

Poverty and the living conditions of millions  is unfortunately not making the same impact as it had before.  Who can forget the Rawandan rufegee massacre during President Clintons tenure,  or the displacement of millions and massacre of people, during the Bosnian crises. Going further back in history in the 80’s for example, the biafaran refugee crises.  We were bombarded daily by news of the Nigerian civil war and the Biafaran refugees.  This tragedy started in 1967, when the head of the Eastern Region, declared an independent Republic of Biafra. After initial military gains, the Biafran forces were decimated, 1 million civilians had died in fighting and from famine.  The photographs of starving children with huge distended stomachs were disturbing, heart rending. It horrified people around the world.

Why is there poverty

The causes are numerous, including a lack of individual responsibility.  A lack of proper resources, callous government  attitude and indifference by many to the plight of our fellow human beings.  Exploitation by people and businesses with power and influence, or some combination of these and other factors. In most countries, inequality, the gap between the rich and the poor, is ever widening. Many feel that high levels of inequality is affecting social cohesion and is leading to increasing crime and violence.  Consider the following facts;

• 1 billion children live in poverty and according to UNICEF 22 ,000 die each day from poverty
• 805 million people do not have enough to eat daily
• 1. 3 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day

According to OXFAM it would take $60 billion per year to end global poverty, another estimate by the World bank put the figure closer to $200 billion, whatever figure you choose to believe, poverty and the living condition of many is a concern for us all.  Poverty is traditionally measured by the very basic cost, in money needed to survive daily. This is about $1.92 per day according to World Bank estimate. Extreme poverty [ a condition whereby an individual lacks the opportunity, to make meaningful choices that will sustainably improve his or her life].has been falling since the 1970’s, there is however dissatisfaction in the lives of many below the poverty line. Living conditions and the hopelessness of their situation breeds more of the same. Giving financial assistence is not enought.  Education on the  proper use of mental faculties, how to think,  will go a long way in eradicating lack and poverty attitudes.

poor and the law of attraction

The state of our thinking

We live in ignorance of our true potential as divine beings. The law of attraction is clear on this fact, what you think about daily will manifest in your life. How do you then begin to assimilate the words with the conditions that are endemic in the poverty stricken places? Do we blame the poor for thinking poverty lack and hardship?

Off course not…..

When you are living in poverty and the living condition is dire, this trumps any other thoughts. They believe they are caught in the poverty trap and live in ignorance of their true potential. Outside conditions and circumstances rule their thinking, they believe they are powerless and so they are.

Poverty and the solution

Poverty and the lack thereof can be eradicated, but we need a change of mind set, we have been brought up believing:
• there is lack
• that life is hard
• there is only so much to go around
• Some will miss out
• You will always have poor people
• You will not amount to much

The sayings have infiltrated and taken hold of our minds and lives. These thoughts were hammered in by our caregivers who did not know any better. Our education system, the religious Fraternity and the daily diet of TV, smart devices and radio. Putting deep roots into our subconscious mind. We assume the world is hostile and we have to be strong to survive the daily grind of life.

This is the state of our world at the present time, but we can change this paradigm. Understanding ourselves first is the beginning.

Law of attraction

poverty and the solutionIs the law of attraction relevant or real?  Consider for a moment this thought.  You have used it countless times, from getting the girl or the man of your dreams to achieving your accolades in School and University. Off course you did not call it the law of attraction. You probably called it hard work or just doing what everyone else was doing to achieve your goal. You did this unconsciously without realizing the power within you. If you are now reading this article, pause for a moment and realize the universe has endless possibilities.  You are a part of it so open you mind, you can do so much more.

1. Think about what you want
2. Believe implicitly you are getting what you want
3. Receive in your mind what you want

Education is the key

Educating  Adults to value their thinking is a big step in the right direction. It is not going to be easy. We have to get rid of our calciefied thoughts, the negative ones we grew up with and reprogram our thinking. We are thinking beings and our minds defines who we are. A chaotic mind results in a chaotic life style.  An ordered mind results in an orderly life, cause and effect. This is a critical important skill that is almost never taught. The expectation is you will somehow pick it up on the way .

Poverty in the west

Does poverty exist in countries like the USA or Europe?  You would assume that it has no place in these societies. Wealth is in abundance and they do have stable democratic governments.  Many have a social net that captures those less able to look after themselves, providing help and support. Unfortunately the facts tells a different story. Poverty exisits in all countries of the world. Here is an excerpt form the Washington Post

40 million Americans live in poverty,
Approximately 20 million live in deep poverty
1.5 million Americans live in extreme poverty.

The poor unfortunately has become more of an inconvenient truth, I quote from the Washington Post:

With welfare reform in 1996, poor single parents with children now have a lifetime limit of five years of assistance and mandatory work requirements. Some states require fingerprinting or drug testing of applicants, which effectively criminalizes them without cause. The obstacles to getting on welfare are formidable, the benefits meager. The number of families on welfare declined from 4.6 million in 1996 to 1.1 million this year. The decline of the welfare rolls has not meant a decline in poverty, however.

It is a sad state of affairs when drug testing for the poor is a pre-requisite for getting government help. It shows a lack of sympathy, respect for human rights and a unrealistic, deliberate, obfuscating  Government State.

law of attraction and you

Divine beings

Many do not understand the ramification of their thoughts . We are divine and children of the divine, we are NOT born of sin, as some have led us to believe. That is yet another yoke or burden [amongst the many] to make us feel guilty and unworthy about ourselves.  It is placed in our minds as a cage around our divinity, by religious institution for power and control.

I take you back to the parables of Jesus Christ who taught us all about the law of attraction. You can buy the Book Here

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

If humanity is fatally flawed, why would Jesus say that you can achieve the perfection of the divine intelligence that created the Universe? By saying that deity is the Father of all, it follows that we are all equally the sons and daughters of God. There are no exclusionary notions in this quote. No one is left out of the equation. Jesus does not say try to be perfect, he says be perfect.

In conclusion

This  has been an interesting journey, there are still more to learn about poverty and the state of our mind. I would encourage you to do your research. Your mind is the doorway to riches and abundance. I will leave you with a quote from Dr Edwin Bowers;

“The most potent force in the universe is the influence of the subconscious mind. The proper training of the correlation between the subliminal and the objective faculties is the open sesame that unlocks the richest of all storehouses, –the faculty of remembering. And with remembering there follows natural reflections, vision, knowledge, culture, and all that tends to make of man a God, though in the germ.” –Dr. Edwin F. Bowers

I would very much like to know what you think. please leave a comment below Thank you.

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