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Brainwash your Mind to Success

Brainwash your mind to success, you can achieve success by altering your thinking. Your mind is your greatest friend and helper or it can also be your greatest downfall.  Your mind is like a sponge and will absorb whatever you are thinking about daily, negative thoughts, will manifest negative situations in your life.  If you feed your mind positive thoughts daily you will  manifest abundance and wealth. This is as...

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Collective Beliefs – Brainwashing

If you would like to listen to the youtube podcast of the article please follow this link : The world around us exist because of our collective beliefs and we perceive it as real.  We are taught that what we can touch, smell. feel, and see are “solid and real”  anything that is intangible, or what you cannot see hear or feel is not real.  We talk in terms...

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The Money Mind

Your brain is one of the most powerful instruments you’ll ever use. The kind of thoughts you have can literally change the course of your life, for better or worse. Some experts even believe that the mind is capable of altering our physical reality. John Kehoe, a prolific teacher and author of “Mind Power Into the 21st Century”, states that “thoughts are REAL forces.” To him, the intangible world of...