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10 steps to achieving the art of living

The art of living begins with you and how you perceive yourself. I define the art of living as the ability to live your life in harmony with the world around you. Gain a greater vision of who you are. Find your true purpose and understand you have the power and confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs. You are divine and part of the divine. Many have forgotten...

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Poverty and the law of attraction

Poverty and the living conditions of millions  is unfortunately not making the same impact as it had before.  Who can forget the Rawandan rufegee massacre during President Clintons tenure,  or the displacement of millions and massacre of people, during the Bosnian crises. Going further back in history in the 80’s for example, the biafaran refugee crises.  We were bombarded daily by news of the Nigerian civil war and the Biafaran...