Monthly Archive: May 2018

eternal life 4

All Life Is Eternal

We live because we were begotten by our parents and came to inhabit the body we grew up with.  Why that particular parents, time and why that particular sex? Questions like these have been asked throughout the ages and what is the answer, I do not have the answer, I could walk down the street where I live and ask this simple question to everyone I see and I am...

abundant reality 4

Abundant Reality

What is the meaning of an abundant reality?  Our Universe is abundant. Nature is abundant with life and it is constantly changing. For many life is a struggle, we have the idea that we need to struggle to achieve, but life was never meant to be a daily grind, we’ve made it difficult for ourselves because of a systemic belief system convincing us that abundance is a myth. Growing up...

Usui reiki massage therapy 1

Reiki Massage therapy and Reiki Training

Reiki massage, Usui Reiki and Reiki training have been around for a long time. I heard about this healing technique in the late nineties but I did not really take any interest in what it was, how it worked or what it can do. A friend swears by the therapeutic benefits of REIKI massage healing.  I became more intrigued when I walked past a new REIKI training and healing centre...