10 steps to achieving the art of living

The art of living begins with you and how you perceive yourself. I define the art of living as the ability to live your life in harmony with the world around you. Gain a greater vision of who you are. Find your true purpose and understand you have the power and confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs. You are divine and part of the divine. Many have forgotten this fact. They  have fallen into the trap that life is mediocre, mundane full of misery and pain.

The art of living steps

So what are the 10 steps to the art of living?

Listed below are 10 steps that will define how you can achieve peace and serenity in your life. We have been duped to believe certain things about ourselves. In essence though what we need to live abundantly comes back to basic simplicity. There are no complicated rituals. I believe the steps are self-explanatory, anyone can do this. Enjoy and peace be upon you.

Step 1: Know yourself first

You have unlimited, untapped possibilities waiting to be realized by you. You are unique. How do you go about realizing the true essence of your divine being? This question has reverberated through the centuries from the earliest writings of man to the present day. The message is the same,“ KNOW THYSELF AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE”  Seek to find your true self. We are all responsible for our lives, you can choose to do nothing or do everything to find the truth.

Seek always to renew your knowledge. When you have nothing further to seek, then you will be living in the past and your progress to your spiritual awakening will stop. The progression of truth or divine evolution will go on forever. There will never be such a thing as the full and final revelation of truth. The truth I see at this moment and that works for me now is the stepping stone to a further realization of truth. For this reason, we should never look back with shame on what we believed and practiced in the past, nor should we look down on another’s beliefs.

Step 2: Keep your life simple

The pace of modern life is ever changing, trying to catch up is like chasing a train as it leaves the station, you are liable to fail and hurt yourself in the process. Keep your life simple by understanding the truth about yourself. You are made of a substance that needs nourishment both of the physical and spiritual kind, Achieve both to live a rewarding life.  Nutritional organic foods powers your physical self, spiritual awakening powers your thirst for the divine your abundance and search for the truth. Your true divine self will live forever and I mean infinity! You will have many, many more lifetimes in places far removed from earth. Live simply and strive to understand your true purpose to achieve happiness.

Step 3: Seek to be meditative and contemplative

The art of living includes the practice of meditation and the contemplative spirit, the world around you moves on its own rhythm, we are all connected and we vibrate at different frequencies, seek to find the rhythm of your inner core being and be in tune with the universe around you, this can only happen if you are prepared to put aside a set time daily to sit down relax and spend 15 -30 mins meditating. This will get longer as you become adept at meditation.

Step 4: The universe has laws seek to understand them

The universe has laws that are immutable they cannot be broken. Think of objects heavier than air in our world. What goes up must come down. If you jump off a building at 16 stories high you will come down faster than you went up.  You have other laws that govern how things work, around and within us. The laws are there to govern how a particle will interact with another. Our difficulty as humans is finding out what laws governs what interactions in our universe.

The law of attraction governs how you interact with your perception of your reality. You are the creator of your life. If you truly understand these words you can master the ability to build an incredible future, seek to understand this daily and live an abundant life. “The kingdom of heaven is within you and whosoever shall know himself shall find it”. This is an old proverb from the ancient Egyptian religion it is as true then as it is now. Heaven is the abundance that will permeate in all areas of your life when you understand yourself.

Step 5: Give joy and knowledge to others

The joy to the art of living comes when you give freely of yourself to others, showing them the way to enlightenment and peace. True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awaking of consciousness in another. In giving of yourself you are fulfilling the tenets of the law of attraction, you will attract into your life that which you are thinking of daily.

When you follow this simple rule of giving, your life will be transformed and you will live a rich fulfilling life. Does this mean you have to give up the rich trappings of your success? Far from it, you are in a position to show someone else how you got to where you are. You can help them achieve the same. You have the power to help people less able to help themselves. Sometimes you have to give money, most times though it is your knowledge that will benefit most to people less able to achieve themselves.

Step 6: Learn to forgive you are the source of your emotional turmoil

How can you live in harmony with the universe as suggested by the art of living 10 steps when we hoard imagined slights. For some holding grudges is second nature, the imagined slight that burns deep inside as they seek revenge. Let it go, it does not serve a purpose it only accentuate the ugliness that is in us all, The imagined slight can get blown out of proportion, causing more harm than what was intended. There will always be people who will not agree with you and you cannot be a friend to everyone, it is not practical. Be true to yourself forgive freely and without mean-ness

Step 7: Be grateful for your life

You are here to achieve a purpose in your soul journey. While you are here be grateful that you have been given this chance to live in this beautiful planet. Every day you wake up is another good day in your life, give thanks and be grateful that you were not one of the 151,000 people who died during the night. It is another chance for you to do something extra-ordinary in your life and in the lives of those close to you. Do not dwell in the past or worry about the future, you are alive today so be in the present and be grateful.

Step 8: Understand your divinity and seek to understand more

You are divine, Jesus Christ said the same when he indicated that you are the light of the world in Mathew Chapter 5 verse 14- 16:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works. And glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

It should be obvious from the above quote that Jesus did not think that humanity was the scum of the earth. He did not believe we were poor wretched creatures, full of sin, worthy of punishment, and fit for nothing but hiding under a stone. There is no question that this is a reference to our spiritual light but it also deals with every aspect of our life, including our material nature. The Law of Attraction proclaims that all people are imbued with the creative power of the Universe.

Here is a proverb from the ancient religion of Egypt : – The body is the house of God. That is why it is said, “Man know yourself.”  Your body is the house of God. Seek to understand this truth and stop doubting yourself. You are created from the divine and are part of the divine.

Step 9: Forgive yourself

How many times have we doubted ourselves? How many times have we felt unworthy about our abilities, how we look, how we dress how we act. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Do we ever stop to think that maybe we are disrespecting the creator for creating a wonderful being that is us. We are always the first ones to say something bad about ourselves, about our inability to cope, for being stupid, ugly and not good enough. We hurt ourselves needlessly because we are trying to live up to somebody else’s idea of beauty, greatness, physical prowess, mental agility etc. Take the time and forgive yourself, sing your praises and remind yourself how good you are, after all there is no one else exactly like you. You are unique, you are enough, you are divine and that is enough.

Step 10: Believe in yourself

The art of living final step relates to your own beliefs about yourself.  Believe you are worth the time, believe you are worth the effort and believe you are divine, understand your true self to fulfil your destiny. Science have sold us the illusion that our lives does not matter, that we are but an accident of nature and we are all there will ever be, that our life will end when we die.

You do matter, you are divine, you were never a monkey or a chimpanzee or some fish that rose out of the sea to populate the earth, you are created in the Divines image and you are part of the divine oneness.

You core essence [soul] will live on long after your physical self is dust, There will never be an ending you will be, always, somewhere for eternity. I know we cannot comprehend the immensity of that thought, but it is the truth.

Your body is the vessel that contains the essence of you when you were born, when you die your body releases the bonds, that binds your essence and you will be free to soar above, beyond.

I want you to realize that this journey of yours is not an easy road, understand that it is a fight all the way, but at the same time, although difficulties are real, you have within you the Powers that will help melt away any obstacles you will meet on the way. There is nobody who can prevent you succeeding except yourself; there is nothing that can stop your progress but your own doubts and fears.

All things are possible if you believe, they are possible.

Seeker of the truth

What we seek is within. It will not become our truth until we expand our thinking, believe in ourselves and understand our divinity.

Some who seek will prefer to forget about the question of divinity. They are mired in their physical convictions. happy with their lot, they will continue on with their lives,

Others will pause for a moment. Look around, maybe attempt to look for answers, but they are lost. They are not really searching for the truth. They are not convinced yet, just curios, eventually wandering back to their mundane lives.

To the awakened few.  This will fire them up, it is the question that has been bothering them for long time. They will embrace this truth. Searching and researching. Their lives are changed forever when they discover the truth about themselves. This truth has been covered over and manipulated by the Elite in both Church and secular authorities. This was done mainly to suit their agenda and for control of the masses.

You are the creator

Whatever you create in your mental world. like visualizing and  inmbuing it with emotions and color. Will in time, be manifested in the outer physical world. The outer world of matter is subservient to the inner world of mind. This is the greatest occult truth which has been withheld from ordinary people.

This has been the closely guarded secret of many secret orders.

I am now divulging this truth, you have the power within you, share this knowledge with others.

It has always been with you, but we have all been misled to believe otherwise. You are the creator of your life.

In ending please leave a comment below as I would very much like to know what you think.

Gus Michaels

My name is Gus Michaels. I am the author and designer of this site. I specifically started this blog site so I could share my thoughts and beliefs on Self improvement. I am always open to new ideas, if you are interested in the subjects here and would like to contribute. Let me know

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